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 [NEWS] SHINee's Casting Stories

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PostSubject: [NEWS] SHINee's Casting Stories   Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:55 pm

On the 27th, Newsen conducted an interview with SM Entertainment's new contemporary boy band SHINee, in which the 5 members revealed their casting stories.

Tae Min (youngest 14): "I started dancing since 3rd grade. I always loved to dance and when I heard that SM Entertainment was holding auditions, I rushed to go try out. I was lucky and got casted. Even now, whenever I have time, I'm always watching dance videos to learn new moves."

Ohn Yoo (leader): "As soon as I entered high school, I felt that I really wanted to sing, I fell in love with music. People around me also kept telling me that I sing pretty well, so I decided that I wanted to become a singer and enlisted in the SM Academy. From there, I was casted and am now a part of SHINee."

Key: "When I was in Kindergarten, I chose "singer" as my future dream occupation. When SM Entertainment held auditions, I tried out."

Min Ho: "I was road casted by chance. Even as a child, I always loved preforming for others, so when I was casted by luck, I was extremely happy."

Jong Hyun: "Ever since middle school, I was actively involved in various bands and performed at many competitions to further my skills. Luckily, at one of the competitions, an SM Entertainment representative was watching and I got casted."

The SHINee members also stated, "When we first met and were under training, we didn't really talk much to each other. We were all very young and we even got into a couple fights with each other, but we think that's pretty normal for all trainees."

A fight huh? Why do I have this hunch, that it was probably more like a scene straight out of Zoolander, except with infinitely worse hairstyles. In any regard, there you have it, the official behind the scenes stories of all 5 members.

[credit] spiderliliez


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PostSubject: Re: [NEWS] SHINee's Casting Stories   Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:13 pm

awww ...
The personal aim of becoming a singer or an artist was sweet ....
Taeminnie-shii was dancing from 3rd grade ...huh?cool
Wow and key-shii was in by luck ?
Onew-shii jus started singing in highschool ?
They got some talent alrite !
thanks for sharing hemi unnie ^^
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[NEWS] SHINee's Casting Stories
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