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 [ONESHOT]{NC-17} Shallow Sleep (starring reita x ruki)

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PostSubject: [ONESHOT]{NC-17} Shallow Sleep (starring reita x ruki)   Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:08 am

I just saw you
Beyond the course of time
A room that we once shared
But my memory's a haze
Forgetting what was said

Drifting out of his light slumber, Ruki's eyes opened slightly.
Out of habit, his glance fell on the digital clock that was sitting on the dresser next to his bed.

3:24 AM...

The vocalist groaned inwardly.

Why did he have to wake up so soon?

I gently held out my hand
And in that perfect moment
You disappeared
I lost you over again

Ruki frowned and rolled over on his side, hoping he could get back to sleep. He wanted to get back to the dream he was having before waking up. Back to him...

Closing his eyes tightly, Ruki tried to remember exactly what his dream was about.


Ruki's lips curved into a shy smile as his mind wandered back to where his dream had left off.

He was dreaming of the time Reita and he shared their first kiss. Well... to be honest, it was when they were both highly under the influence of alcohol and extreme horniness. So, it wasn't exactly what most people would consider "romantic", but Ruki was happy to take control of this memory and twist it a bit to fit his own needs. It was his dream after all, right?

In a shallow sleep I dreamt I was seeing you
Just how I remembered
Brimming with tenderness
And somewhere in the calm
A feeling that nothing had ever changed
Your presence close beside me till I wake

Maybe their "first" kiss wasn't the best, but the kisses they shared after that were certainly some kind of wonderful.

They had gone from drunk and clumsy, to nervous and clumsy, to slow and tender, to deep and passionate in a matter of mere days.

Ruki giggled at remembering how it use to be... and then turned himself on at the memory of how sexy they had become... He licked his lips, eyes still closed, as his thoughts drifted to how soft and wet Reita's kisses were. He could picture those lips of his in his mind. Picture how full and... juicy they looked.

I just saw you
A moment far too brief
Before the daylight came
But my heart is beating fast
Perhaps we'll meet again

Ruki bit his own lower lip, remembering then how good it felt to have those lips against his... Reita's lips felt so wonderful on his body.... Kissing him all over.

And, at that, he immediately thought of how much he loved Reita's hands. They were soft on the palms and rough at the fingertips from playing his bass guitar no doubt. He loved to feel that contrast on his whole body, as well.

In a shallow sleep I dreamt I was seeing you
Just how I remembered
Brimming with tenderness
And somewhere in the calm
A feeling that nothing had ever changed
Your presence close beside me till I wake

The vocalist soon found himself having a very wet sex dream of his bassist and himself. Reita seducing him, teasing him, then taking him for all he was worth. Ruki dreamt of giving himself up to Reita.

"O-Oh... Mmm.." Ruki shifted to his other side, hands roaming from his stomach, to his hips, until finally slipping inside his own boxers. "Mmmn... Aki-kun... Mmmmm..." He stroked his, now very stiff, length, humming in a low tone, pretending it wasn't his own hand that was doing the stroking but his band mate's.
His fingers worked up a quicker pace on his own cock as his mind ventured further into the matured-rated dream and his voice eventually grew louder as a result. "Ah..! Yess... Aki...! Take me... Fuck... me...!"

Ruki felt hot, now... too hot. The blanket ontop of him was becoming a burden... So, in one swift movement, the singer threw the blanket off of himself, flipped onto his back, and removed the small amount of clothing he had on. Now he was fully exposed to the cold night air, never once daring to open his eyes for fear of losing the dream again. "A-Ah!!" He was lost in this... lost and didn't wish to be found until he had gone over the edge. His knees bent, legs spread wide apart, and he lifted his rear up a bit to get a good reach as his fingers slid down to his own entrance, playing with it. But, in his mind, it was as if Reita was doing this to him. "Fuck...! Ooooh, Aki...! More.. I want more!! I want to feel you... I .." Ruki rocked his hips down against his fingers with every word. "I... want... to... feel... every... inch... of... you.. inside...!"

Ruki had slipped his index finger inside himself and it hit his sweet spot after only a few tries. That was all he needed to get off, as his hips jerked upward, almost completely off of the mattress and his toes curled up.
"F-FUCK..! AAAKIIII!!" He practically screamed Reita's birth name, releasing his orgasm violently onto his own hand and stomach.

I see you until I wake from shallow sleep

After his orgasm had passed, he found that it was still difficult to move from his position. His body was sprawled out still, sticky with sweat and cum.

However, he did manage to open his eyes a bit finally, as his thought of how nice it would have been to snuggle up to Reita in the aftermath of it all.

And, what do you know? Reita was actually standing at the door to his room, almost as if by magic.

As soon as Ruki's still-hazy mind registered this fact, he squeaked and immediately began covering himself with the discarded blanket from earlier.
"A-A-Aki...?!? H-How long...?" Ruki was pretty shocked at first, and swallow a dry lump down his throat, heart racing now. "How long have you been standing there..?"

Reita opened his mouth as if to answer, but decided not to at the last minute and closed it abruptly.

That didn't fool the shorter man, though-- Ruki's eyes became wider at this, lips parting in disbelief. "Oh, god. Don't tell me... You were there the whole fucking time??" He didn't wait for Reita to respond this time as he continued. "Fucking pervert..." His lips cracked into a smile and he began laughing while his fingers reached up to the temple of his forehead.

Reita laughed along with him, feeling a little more comfortable when he realized he wasn't going to get the shit beat out of him for watching Ruki masturbate. "Hey, now... I'm not the only pervert here... You were the one touching yourself, as I recall..." A grin spread over his face as he masterfully dodged a pillow that was thrown at his head.
"Nobody likes a smart ass, Aki-kun..." Ruki pouted after having missed his target, watching through narrowed eyes as his partner walked over to were he was and sat next to him on the bed.
"Oh, really, now..? Nobody, you say?" The smirk never left his face. "Well.. I dunno about that, baby. Your body seems to like a smart ass..." Reita pointed to himself before quickly covering his head with his hands as Ruki made another pillow-assignation attempt on his head. "Jesus, Taka... You can't take a joke? Hahaha!"
It didn't make things better for Ruki to know that Reita was enjoying this. "Just... shut up."
"Aww.. come on, baby.. Aren't you even the least bit happy that I'm here now..? It was boring visiting my family for two whole days... without you.."
Ruki's expression softened. "Of course I'm happy... But.." It was his turn to smirk this time. "But, you should have called first to let me know you were coming..."
"And miss this? Like hell."
They both laughed.

An artist without a brush
Can't paint upon the canvas
Without you here there is no color
A colorless landscape

Soon, it had calmed down between them and Ruki soon found himself doing what he had wanted to do after he had came 10 minutes before; snuggling up with Reita.

But, after a while, the bassist broke the silence as he asked, "Hey, baby... I hope you saved some for me, ya know?... It's been too damn long. And you looked so fucking hot getting yourself off a moment ago, it blew me away."
They smiled at each other, through both had equally flushed faces.
"Agreed... And, I guess you could see that I.. really needed you.. Like I do now.."
"Yeah, me too..." The two of them locked lips, grinning against each other in their kiss.

As they parted for much needed air, Ruki spoke, his eyes glazed over with desire. "I was dreaming.. of you. You and I.."

In a shallow sleep I dreamt I was seeing you
Just how I remembered
Brimming with tenderness
And somewhere in the calm
A feeling that nothing had ever changed
Your presence close beside me till I wake

Reita flipped over on top of his lover. His hands roaming all over the smaller man's body and his lips kissing every inch of him.
"That must have been one hell of a dream you had..." Reita trailed wet kissed along Ruki's neck, whispering in his ear. "Let's make it real."

The two men made love until the dawn, slowly falling into a shallow sleep within the safety of each other's arms.

As Ruki slipped into slumber, he smiled. "Welcome home, Akira.." His voice was barely a whisper as he closed his eyes to sleep.

He was looking forward to dreaming with his Reita.

I see you shallow sleep

{ :: T H E :: E N D :: }

Credits To :- BeautiFOOL @ the GazettE Sekai


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[ONESHOT]{NC-17} Shallow Sleep (starring reita x ruki)
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