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 [FIC] The things that i do for you ...

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Wonder Girls Moderator
Wonder Girls Moderator

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PostSubject: [FIC] The things that i do for you ...   Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:31 pm

here is a new fic ^^
Hope you like it ^^



She opened her door and quietly crept inside without making any noise …She peeked inside and saw the lights were on …

‘Oh my god!I am a dead meat today’ She thought and quietly crept inside …

“WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU ALL DAY?” A voice asked with such loudness and fury that made her shiver from fright ….

“Appa! I was working as you told me too …”She said...her voice was merely a whisper that no one can hear what she was saying …

He came close to her face and slapped her hard on her cheek leaving visible prints in her flawless skin …

“DON’T LIE TO ME YOU UNGRATEFUL CHILD!” He shouted and started beating her really hard …She was crying whispering to herself ‘appa please stop’ But those words did not reach the man’s ears …

“Appa! I was really at work …please don’t hit me...” She pleaded with a small voice and was shaking from the pain …

“You were with some boys in a club …weren’t you??I am doing all this for you and you are at a club with your friends weren’t you??” He came close to her face …he was breathing near face and she could easily say that he was really drunk …

“No appa! I was not...Please believe me …”She continued pleading …He reached out to slap her again and collapsed in the end …She silently did what she did every night …She dragged him to his room and tucked him in even though he had done many harmful things to her …

She then went to the kitchen to get some food and once she saw the leftovers in the fridge she began to eat it down and after that she began cleaning the mess that her so-called father made …

Then doing all the work she went to wash her face and other wounds that her father had did …

Doing all the things she went to her room and plopped down her bed and continued starring at the ceiling and wondered why he was like this …


“UMMA!!” A little girl with pigtails and a toothy smile greeted her mother with a kiss in the cheek …

“How is my little princess today?” A beautiful woman in a pair of shirt and pant and her hair loosely left down to her shoulders asked her with a sunny smile …

“Umma …A big meanie bullied me” She said with tears forming in her brown eyes …

“Don’t mind them only know to bully you and you should always stay strong! Believe in your self!” She said to her with firmness in her voice …

“Okay umma …I will try” She said with a smile …

“That’s my little girl” She patted her head and kissed her cheeks and stared at her lovingly ….

*End of flashback*

She thought of all the moments with her mom and dad when they were together and happy …

‘Umma …I am trying to be strong …but I don’t know why appa hates me after you left us’ She thought while letting her tears flow down like a river freely on her cheeks …

She cried herself to sleep that night …

I know its short !
i will try to update soon ^^
Please leave your honest comments ^^
Thanks for reading ^^
and guess who 'she' is laughKekeke
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RiMsHa &#48121&#5
Gazette Moderators.
Gazette Moderators.
RiMsHa &#48121&#5

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PostSubject: Re: [FIC] The things that i do for you ...   Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:38 pm

she is the main character of this story lexi laugh
lolx good start ... waiting for updates


I ❤ you aoi san
credit to hana-chan@gazettesekai
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Gazette Moderators.
Gazette Moderators.

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PostSubject: Re: [FIC] The things that i do for you ...   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:45 am

alex...ur the main character ne...nyahahaha coz i got that feeling in my heart and mind...
laugh laugh lolx well i'm juz guessing oni...wekekeke
update soon ne...her appa is such a meanie Angry DIE!
bully his own dal (daughter in korean) like that...


I'm an obsessed VK Cassiopeia Puppy...and freaking fanatic Cassis!!!
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PostSubject: Re: [FIC] The things that i do for you ...   

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[FIC] The things that i do for you ...
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