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 [ARTICLE] (i think?) Premiere Magazine Interview - SHINee

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PostSubject: [ARTICLE] (i think?) Premiere Magazine Interview - SHINee   Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:00 am

Here is what i found from



Average age 19.2. Debut age 9 months. No matter how much we look they are young. These people gave us the wings of fantasy regarding YunHaNams in 2008. The 5 guys say noona is so pretty and who would not like that?

When I met SHINee at the set maybe because they received a lot of love from the noonas they seemed buff. They answered each question calmly without getting puzzled. They are the youngest of the SM artists and I could tell they grew up in good conditions by looking at their expressions and behaviors. Without any complaints they do what they need to do. “Since you are adored a lot don’t you avoid doing harsh chores like cleaning the practice room floor?”

“Cleaning the practice room is not harsh. The last person who used it should clean it up.” (Jonghyun) “Is that harsh?” (Key) Maybe I was naive for expecting complaints from them.

SHINee cried 5 times in public. The saying that guys cry 3 times in their life is not true. Jonghyun looked back to the past and brought back those memories. “When we debuted, when we had our 1st performance, got 1st place 2 times and winning the newcomer award.” Key who is next to him whispers “I cried 4 times.” Jonghyun was picked as the most emotional member in the group. Leader Onew says “Jonghyun is a very good talker but he is a good crier too.” Minho and Taemin who is younger takes care of the hyungs and comforts them. Key who likes to play jokes calls them ‘Kids with no emotions.’

When the 5 of them are together they get along well. Onew is used to taking care of the members quietly. Seeing him organize the member’s words didn’t seem common and I found out he trained the longest out of the members. He attended the SM Academy for trainees and got casted at SNSD’s showcase. Jonghyun and Key are the mood makers. If Jonghyun makes an insider joke, Key finishes it with an outsider joke.

For example, if he talks about Minho’s eyes Jonghyun says “Minho has the eyes of a cow” instead. Onew asks kindly “Why is it cow and not a deer?” Then Key says “The animal that represents Korea is a cow.”

Jonghyun's lively personality came from participating in a band since Junior High. He was in charge of the base and chorus and his interest in music was different. I was curious about how he went to a boy band from a regular band and he said "I started out in band music and in high school i started liking punk music. My liking for punk music gradually changed to African music. I listened to a lot of genres so i don't think there is any music i don't like. I think the music that comes out these days is hybrid."

Jonghyun's joke partner Key, is the Almighty Key in the team. The youngest Taemin wants to take after Key hyung. It's because he is good at rap, singing and dancing. I think traveling from his hometown Daegu to Seoul, studying and training together had a part in it.

Minho who talks with his eyes rather than actual talking was casted on the streets. Thanks to his tall height and great body he was able to participate in the Ha SangBaek and Andre Kim Fashion show. He appeared in SNSD's new album gee music video and was envied by the members. Jonghyun says he didn't hear about what happened at the set and blamed Minho's quiet personality for it.

Taemin is the adorable maknae filled with cute charms. "I like to attend school and going to my schedule is fun too." "When other students come to take pictures with me my classmates tell him no and make them leave. There is a reason for that. It's because they give us food to eat."

SHINee is not just a idol. They are a well made idol. They are not satisfied with just satisfying the people's taste. They surpassed our expectations of an idol. Their motto is "contemporary band." They want to become a boyband that creates and starts new trends. If its singing, singing, if its dance, dance, if its fashion, fashion. SHINee is showing great talents in these areas. Comparing the time when i was disgusted with the blushing idol group performances they have captivated me. This is also the power that made the noonas open their wallets.

SHINee who made a strong connection with the noonas seemed embarassed about this. "We don't just have noona fans. When we do fansigns, we had many chances to meet the fans and as we attend more of those events the fanbase gets wider. (Jonghyun)" "The youngest Taemin was 16 when he debuted so he had gained a lot of noona fans. When they are the same age as me or younger, they can be noonas to Taemin. (Onew)" They who sang Noona is so Pretty seemed anxious about noonas. When they were recorded Key wondered how he can express the feelings of love for a noona.

The noona KO loses, average age of 19.2 SHINee wins.

Translation credits: sanbi
Source: 핑키봉이a@bestiz
TofuLuv of (I got this article from her!)

Hope you liked it !
Enjoy !
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[ARTICLE] (i think?) Premiere Magazine Interview - SHINee
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