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 [FIC] The path in life ...

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Wonder Girls Moderator
Wonder Girls Moderator

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PostSubject: [FIC] The path in life ...   Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:22 pm

Hello ^^
Well ..I just thought of this and typed it down ^^
Well here is a short chappie ...

He sat in his room swirling the glass of wine and thinking about hat happened today …


“What are you doing?” His father asked while coming in with some files n his hand …

“Nothing father …How is mother doing?” He asked while sitting up from his bed ..

“No change …you are going to run my company in a year ..I kjnow this is sudden and might crush your dream but you have to understand …You should do it no matter what !”His father said in a firm and stern voice …

The boy was too shocked to utter a word ….

“I will take this as an okay” The older man said and walked out of the room and shutting the door with a loud slam waking a shocked boy up …

“Why did god let me be like this?? Did I do something wrong in my past life ?” He muttered with glassy eyes …

*End of flash back*

‘How am I going to tell the others about this??’ He thought while sipping the wine …

*knock knock*

‘What now?’ He thought and groaned …
“COME IN” He shouted …A maid entered and looked shocked at seeing 10 or more wine bottles lying around BUT quickly regained herself …

“Young master ..The dinner is served …Master wants you to eat with him”She said in a polite voice while she bowed and waited for an answer …

“Tell him I will eat in my room and can you bring me some more wine ?Thank you ..You may leave now” He said giving no opportunity to maid to voice out her option …With no choice ..She just nodded her head and left …

This is the life of the young Mr.Kim ….

Read on to find out who is ‘Mr.Kim’
Hope you liked it ^^
Please commet out your true opinions ^^
I am sorry if my grammer is not good
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News Writter
News Writter

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PostSubject: Re: [FIC] The path in life ...   Fri Jan 16, 2009 5:21 pm

This i looking like this is becoming a really good fanfic^^
I hope this will be it
Can not wait until you updated it^^
Thanks for writing^^ Happy

Credits to milo!!
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[FIC] The path in life ...
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